Award Winning Growers Use! *Ecological Laboratories, Inc. Actual Lab

Always Moving Forward

Ecological Laboratories, Inc. products and technologies are backed and supported by a modern well equipped highly sophisticated R&D laboratory. It is equipped with the latest evaluation methodologies, and staffed by PhD and Masters Level Microbiologists, Chemists, and highly qualified laboratory assistance.ย 

  • Laboratory equipment includes:
  • Ultra-modern Genetic Sequencing and Analysis
  • DNA Amplification
  • Real Time PCR
  • Anaerobic Chamber
  • Nucleic Acid Quantification
  • Two ELI Culture Banksย 
  • Essential Fermenters

“Ecological Laboratories uses a proprietary method of manufacturing that is unique and unmatched by our competitors. Competitive attempts have failed to duplicate our product or it’s superior performance results in exceeding most environmental parameters. Often imitated, Ecological Laboratories still produces the market’s best bio-remediation products available.”

CEO, Ecological Laboratories, Inc.