A New Frontier in Plant Technology

Universities & soil scientists worldwide:

• Are now focusing on biological solutions for better, cleaner and more sustainable methods for growing crops and ornamentals.
• Confirm that plants have a mutually beneficial relationship with many microorganisms that capture the sun’s energy and provide nutrients essential to plant growth.

MICROBE Life microbes:

• Include a diversity of bacteria with photosynthetic microorganisms at the First Trophic Level of the The Soil Food Web.
• Play an essential role in germination and plant growth, vigor and yield, and represent the foundation in recycling energy to plant required materials.

Plant Enhancement Technology

MICROBE Life bioformulations contain an environmentally diverse consortium of beneficial microorganisms, including:
• Phototrophs
• Autotrophs
• Heterotrophs
• Chemotrophs

The proprietary microbes in many MICROBE Life bioformulations have highly specialized capabilities to meet plant needs and are active in all environments
associated with plant growth.

Plant Structure

• Like humans and animals, plants have a circulatory system which carries food and oxygen to plant tissues, then carries wastes away.

• The circulatory system is referred to as the Phloem and the Xylem.

• MICROBE Life bioformulations enhance photosynthesis and
assist in the biological conversion to available plant energy!

Plant processes start at the top with photosynthesis and the carbon cycle. The phloem transports energy (captured from the sun) and carbon (from the air) to the root zone—known as the rhizosphere, where it is biologically converted to available plant energy via soil biology. These plant available materials, minerals and water are then carried to all parts of the plant through the xylem (which has one-way flow) and the phloem (which has two-way flow.)

Increased Energy From Light

• Plant chlorophyll captures only a narrow
portion of the visible light spectrum.


• MICROBE Life photosynthetic bacteria, with
its carotenoids, purple membrane and photosynthetic
membrane, absorb portions not absorbed by plant chlorophyll.

• This activity of the photosynthetic bacteria
complements the energy absorption of the plant,
optimizing utilization of the energy from light.

No other product technology offers or provides
these valuable photosynthetic functions!

Photosynthesis & Root Zone Enhancement

Plants require light energy & soil biology to function & grow
Through modern microbiology, new, one-of-a-kind
MICROBE Life bioformulations improve foliar and rhizosphere processes to include increased capture of light and its conversion to available plant energy, while establishing, increasing and restoring essential root zone biological processes.

MICROBE Life bioformulations improve photosynthesis and uptake of plant carbon nutrients and minerals within the rhizosphere, improving plant processes and providing a reduction in plant exudates, allowing plants to focus their energy on growth, yield and color, resulting in a reduction of disease pressure,
improved root and shoot development and a reduction of chemical inputs.

MICROBE Life bioformulations are a technological breakthrough in biology once thought impossible to achieve!

MICROBE Life Photosynthetic Technology:

• Improves light energy through an increase in chloroplast activity at the foliar level derived from MICROBE Life photosynthetic microorganisms. The resulting increased capture of light improves the conversion of CO2 to essential plant carbohydrates (improved carbon cycle), thereby reducing plant energy requirements.


• Improves plant processes as phototrophs have the capability to achieve carbon conversion in foliar and rhizosphere bioprocesses specific to CO2 and organic carbon utilization, providing increased plant energy, resulting in improved plant function and vigor.

Right Down to the Root

Builds Root Mass & Drives Root Functions

Like humans, a plant expending less energy on mere
survival will spend more time enhancing its own vigor.


• Plants exude nutrients into the root zone to
support the growth of beneficial microbes. With biological enhancement, less exudates are required, enabling the plant to use nutrients to increase root and shoot mass and yield, and enhance its own vigor.


• The beneficial microbes in MICROBE Life enhance
mineral absorption, out-compete less desirable
microbes and produce complex compounds, such as
precursors to plant hormones that improve plant vigor.

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All Plants Require Essential Elements

Many MICROBE Life bioformulations
Incorporate 72 essential elements
from rare earth humates, assuring plant
inorganic requirements.

Significant Plant Benefits

• Faster growth
• Vigorous plants
• Improved mineral and nutrient absorption
• Faster and increased bloom and yield


Chemical inputs are, of course, not used in rainforests
or old growth forests. They have natural biological activity supporting their growth. MICROBE Life bioformulations restore biological activity and improve photosynthesis, offsetting the harmful effects of chemical inputs and pollution.

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