Ecological Laboratories, the developer and producer of the Microbe Life products, understands the needs of commercial growers. Working with large scale agriculture for the production of food crops for more than 18 years, we understand what goes into producing top quality crops while not wasting money. With this in mind, our lab has produced biological products that reduce your overall input costs while increasing quality and yield. We have kept pricing of the Microbe Life line low compared to other biotech companies, and when used in your grow, reduce the need of other inputs. By increasing CO2 to carbohydrate conversion, increasing availability and uptake of nutrients, and improving water retention, we help reduce waste and allow for the reduction of these inputs. Our products improve overall soil/media biology, and plant vigor, which can help reduce the need for pesticides. We help growers increase yields and quality while reducing costs. The savings and gains more than offset the minimal costs associated with using Microbe Life. Our promise is simple; better quality product, lower costs of growing, more profit.

Photosynthesis Plus, Nourish, Root Dip, Vegetable & Fruit Yield Enhancer
— Available in: 5 gallon, 30 gallon, 55 gallon & 275 gallon sizes —

for high performance results

Increased Yields, THC, CBD & Terpenes

Higher brix

Improves overall plant and soil/media biology

Reduces the amount of required inputs

Works with any nutrient program

Long stability

For use in soil, hydroponics, aquaponics, and aeroponics growing

Better usage of available light for photosynthesis

Boosts carbon fixation, Krebs and Calvin Cycles

Fixes Nitrogen at the foliar as well as the root zone

Increases phosphorus availability

Can be run through irrigation

Commercial sizes and pricing for larger scale growers make our products very affordable.

Our microbial products help reduce fertilizer inputs, water waste, and need for pesticide. The savings from these reductions more than offsets the cost of use, and with the increased yields and quality makes your grow more profitable

We have trusted & knowledgeable people to help with grower needs.

Ecological Laboratories has been supplying environmentally friendly products for plant and soil biology, and water quality control for more than 45 years.

Proudly Made in the usa

We Are Here To Help You Grow!

Our experienced team at MicrobeLife Hydro is available to answer questions and offer the support you need. We work with large state-of-the-art grow facilities to smaller, family-owned growers. We treat every customers like they are part of our “growing” family. We are commited to supplying all natural products that are backed by the latest technology.

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